Mold Making 520

RTV-2 L501


Mold Making RTV2 Silicone Rubbers can be poured or brush onto products for casting polyurethane, epoxy, polyester resin, gypsum/plaster, cement, waxes, low melt alloys/metals, etc. It can be thickened with Thixo additive.


• Easy to use, room temperature cure
• Very flexible, easy de-mold
• High tear-strength rubbers
• High temperature resist
• Low shrinkage, no deformation
• Acid and alkaline resistant


Storage and Shelf Life – Expected to be 10 months in original, unopened containers below 30°C.

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Appearance White
Viscosity cps 9000-11000
Hardness Shore A 20±2
Tear strength (N/mm) 30
Tensile Strength(Mpa) 4.0
Elongation break (%) 530
Mixing Ratio 100:5
Working Time 60 Min
Pot Life 90 Min ~ 120 Min
Curing Time 12 Hours
Demolding Time 24 Hours
Linear Shrinkage (%) 0.3