Mold Making 508

RTV-2 508


RTV 2 508 are two component silicone elastomer, crosslinking at room temperature by reaction of yields a soft flexible, elastic material presenting excellent tear resistance

Applications Silicon rubber for molding making is suitable in moulds manufacture for poly resin crafts, PU crafts, PU resin crafts ,gypsum crafts, unsaturated resin crafts, lighting and candles crafts, plastic toy, stationery gifts crafts industry, a large statue Buddha, relievo furniture, furniture decorative materials, statues Buddha, artifacts copiedsandstone crafts and more

RTV-2 508 mold making silicone rubber.

generally named as two-part room temperature sulfurated silicone rubber, which features an exceptional fluidity and good operability.When mixed with 4%一 5% curing agent, they can still be operated within 30~60 minutes, but will be formed after 8-12 hours.With resistance to deformation, high temperature,
acid and alkali, and expansion, silicon flexible molds are used for mold duplication and delicate mold making for poli crafts, resin crafts lighting and candle crafts.
This product is a white flowable liquid with a hardness of 25A° when cured. If large products and therefore multiple-piece molds are needed by customers, silicone rubber with higher hardness will be required for the molds. Conversely, soft silicon is indispensable for molds with complicated pattern and delicate details. The amount of curing agent admixture depends on the actual need of customers. More will be added for speedy drying and fast release and less when otherwise.

  • RTV silicone is intended for statue mold making, candles.
  • RTV silicone is applicated for plastic toys, relieve furniture.
  • RTV silicone is used for architectural decoration, furniture decorative.
  • RTV silicone is application for sculpture, art crafts mold making and so on.
Appearance (Component A) White
Hardner (Component B) Clear liquid
Viscosity (cps) 12000 ~ 14000 (at +25°C)
Hardness (Shore A) 25+2 (at 2mm cured)
Mixing ratio (mould rubberA+B Harder) 100:4~5 Parts in weight
Elongation % ≥480
Specific gravity 1.10 (at +20°C)
Tensile Strength (MPA) ≥3.0
Tear strength (KN/M) ≥2.5
Catalyst 4~5 Part in weight
Pot life of the catalyed mix 30~60 Minutes (25°C, approx)
Curing time 8~12 Hours
Demould time 24 Hours (25°C, approx)