Food Grade Silicone Rubber

RTV 5525

Main field of application
1) Cook mold,
2) Candy,
3) Food contact mold,
4) Human organs,
5) Doll for adult,
6) Emulation human body,

foodSilicone mold for Advantage:
1) Softer_ lower hardness and lower viscosity
2) High tear strength
3) High simulation to human
4) Environmental medical and food grade
5) Smell-less,
6) Food grade,
7) Nontoxic and smell-less.


Surface Preparation Preparing To Mix Measuring
medicalSafety – Use in a properly ventilated area (“room size” ventilation). Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize contamination risk. Wear vinyl gloves only. Latex gloves will inhibit the cure of the rubber.

Store & Use At Room Temperature(72°F / 22°C). Warmer temperatures will drastically reduce working time and cure time. Storing material at warmer temperatures will also reduce the usable shelf life of unused material.

Note: platinum silicones will not work with modeling clays containing heavy amounts of sulfur. Do a small scale test for compatibility before using on your project.

Measuring Mixing Pouring Curing Performance
Materials should be stored and used in a warm environment (72° F / 22° C). Store material where temperature does not exceed 75°F / 23°C. Get an accurate scale (gram scale) to weigh Parts A and B. mix thoroughly for 3 minutes making sure that you scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container several times. After mixing
parts A and B, vacuum degassing is recommended to eliminate any entrapped air.

Appearance A translucent
Appearance B translucent
Viscosity A(cs) 45,000
Viscosity B(cs) 30,000
mixed rate (%) 1A:1B
Shore A hardness 22+2
Operate time (min,23℃) 60-90
Curing time (hours,60℃) 48hours