Fumed Silica

Aerosil 200

aerosil 200

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AEROSIL® 200 is supplied in multiple layer 10 kg bags. We recommend to store the product in closed containers under dry conditions and to protect the material from volatile substances. AEROSIL® 200 should be used within 2 years after production.

Items specification
Name Fumed silica
Brand Aerosil 200
Form White powder
Whiteness 98
SiO2 content(dry) % 99.9
PH value(5% in water) 3.5-4.5
Average particle size 12-14nm
Bulk density g/l 40-50
Heating loss(105 for 2hr.)% 0.5-1.0
Ignition loss(1000 for 2hr.)% 1.0-2.0
BET Specific surface area m2/g 200±25
Produce certification No. XK13-217-00815
Health certification No. LWSZZ(2007) No. 370000-000082