Butopex M Series

Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide

Butopex, Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) is an organic peroxide. MEKP is a colorless, oily liquid whereas acetone peroxide is a white powder at STP; MEKP is slightly less sensitive to shock and temperature, and more stable in storage. Depending on the experimental conditions, several different adducts of methyl ethyl ketone and hydrogen peroxide are known. The first to be reported was a cyclic dimer, C8H16O4, in 1906. Later studies found that a linear dimer is the most prevalent in the mixture of products typically obtained, and this is the form that is typically quoted in the commercially available material from chemical supply companies.

Dilute solutions of 30 to 60% MEKP are used in industry and by hobbyists as the catalyst which initiates the Crosslinking of unsaturated polyester resins used in glass-reinforced plastic, and casting. For this application, MEKP is dissolved in dimethyl phthalate, cyclohexane peroxide, or diallyl phthalate to reduce sensitivity to shock. Benzoyl peroxide can be used for the same purpose.

MEKP is a severe skin irritant and can cause progressive corrosive damage or blindness.

MEKP, acetone peroxide and HMTD have all been reported to be the explosives used in the alleged 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot.

we have 2 kind of MEKP:

one garde is normal peroxide, (M60) and another one is none-flammable peroxide (M65)

we were able to create none-flammable Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide with highest quality and reaction in the world for first time. 

MEKP, Butopex M60
Safety warning
  • Keep container tightly dosed In a cool place
  • Keep away from reducing agents (e.g. amines). acids, alkalies and heavy metal compounds (e.g. accelerators, driers, metal soaps)
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection
  • In case of accident or if you feel unwell. seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible)
  • Do not mix with peroxide-accelerators or reducing agents
  • Due to the relatively unstable nature of organic peroxides a loss of quality can be detected over a period of time.
  • To minimize the loss of quality, Siltech recommends a maximum storage temperature (Ts max.) for each organic peroxide product.
  • For Butopex M65 Temperture max. = 25°C When stored under the recommended storage conditions, Butopex M65 will remain within the Siltech specifications for a period of at least 6 months after delivery.


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Capacity: 400000 Liter/monthly 100%
Export market 75%
Domestic Market 25%