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Silicon rubber RTV 2 508 Siltech

RTV-2 Mold Making

RTV 2 508 are two component silicone elastomer, crosslinking at room temperature by reaction of yields a soft flexible, elastic material presenting excellent tear resistance…

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L501 soft flexible silicon

Soft Flexible

RTV-2 L501 is Translucent tin-cured silicone rubber two components that have exceptional flexible softness with working properties…

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A55 flexible polyurethane siltech

Flexible Polyurethane

PU-A55 is Elastic two-component liquid polyurethane, cold-cure, shrinkage-free, solvent-free…

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Non-Flammable peroxide

Butopex M65 is non-flammable Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP)  a colorless, oily liquid whereas acetone peroxide is a white powder at STP

  • Strong
  • Safe
  • Stable
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